In Conception Season 2, The New York Times dove into real stories about what it was like to parent in 2018.

In one of six episodes, we are introduced to Melissa, a witness to the Virginia Tech massacre, now raising her own child in the wake of Parkland.

She never told her son about what happened in their small town. After Parkland, he has trouble in public spaces. She wonders, will he ever escape his fear?

The New York Times

I had the honor of designing and animating Melissa’s story, ”When Your Child's Bogeyman Is Real.”
Series Producer: Margaret Cheatham Williams
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson
Music: Pierre O’Reilly
Cello: Sarah Joyce
Sound Design & Audio Mixing: Fraser McCulloch
Audio Engineer: Tom Ohmsen/Flat Five Press & Recording Co., Inc.
Executive Producers: Liz O. Baylen, Kaylee King-Balentine