I was asked by Homegrown TV to create the opening titles and credits for the prime time documentary, The Liberation of Le Quesnoy.

On 4 November 1918 the New Zealand Division liberated the German occupied, walled town of Le Quesnoy without any loss of life to the civilian population. This unique liberation by ladder even made it to The New York Times.

The people of Le Quesnoy have never forgotten their Kiwi liberators. Preserving life meant a decision not to fire over the ramparts of this walled town, and for that the locals were (and still are) forever grateful. This documentary illustrated this significant momoent in New Zealand’s military history.

Homegrown TV

For these two pieces, it was important they reflected the key themes of the docmentary – the unique nature of the town’s liberation (carried out by ladder), and the New Zealand sacrifice it took to do so (symbolised by the poppy).
Producer: Jude Dobson
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson
Music: Lucien Antoine — Le P’tit Quinquin