Spark, a New Zealand telecommunications company, got together 17 local leaders from a variety of fields to celebrate and empower Kiwi ladies for International Women’s Day 2018.

The #makeacall campaign encouraged women to share their question(s) for these leaders via social media, for the chance to get connected with them directly.

Colenso BBDO / Spark

I was asked by the creative team at Colenso BBDO to bring this concpet to life with design and motion. A challenge for this piece was to make sure the motion animated on the beat of the music, to give it that puchy feel. 

The deliverables were two animations — the first explaining how people could get involved, and the second illustrating the dialogue from one of the winning calls.
Producer: Payton Cox
Creative Copywriter: Georgia Trimble
Art Director: Samuel Trimble
Music: Estère — Pro Bono Techno Zone
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson