I was invited by Joshua Safran (Gossip Girl, Smash, Quantico) to create Nellie’s artistic world in the Netflix series Soundtrack, a musical drama which explored the love stories connecting a diverse group of people in Los Angeles.

Twentieth Century Fox Television / Netflix

The inspiration behind this sequence was the "Take On Me" by A-Ha music video, where we are thrown into the world of the comic. This project's main challenge was to ensure that the footage and animated pieces worked together in unison to create a dynamic and engaging sequence.
Eleanor "Nellie" O’Brien: Callie Hernandez
Samson "Sam" Hughes: Paul James
Executive Producers: Joshua Safron, Ali Krug, Megan Ellison
Producer: Ellen Marie Blum
Cinematography: Jas Shelton, Alex Nepomniaschy, Tom Clancey
Editors: Bill Henry, Jo Francis, Allyson C. Johnson, Brad Katz, Lori Ball
Designer, Animator & Compositor: Ella Dobson
Production Companies: Annapurna Television, Fox 21 Television Studios
Distributors: Netflix, Walt Disney Television