A new animated video series for MarketWatch about the pivotal moments in founders’ careers that we don’t typically get to hear about. The series was created in an effort to revamp editorial video content at Dow Jones and no longer default to talking-head interviews.

This pilot was with the story of how Mailchimp Co-founder and CEO Ben Chestnut rediscovered the real value of originality in his business.

MarketWatch / Barron’s

This episode’s key theme was about how difference can have the potential to be a unique power, and when you realize that, you can see how it can work in your favor.

I wanted to communicate this idea of “difference” through the use of certain colors – a set of vibrant, warm colors used on characters and objects to symbolize Chestnut and Mailchimp's “difference”, then cooler, muted colors to symbolize the majority.
Producer: Sam Reichman
Supervising Producer: Ellie Ismailidou
Executive Producer: Melissa Haggerty
Designer & Animator: Ella Dobson
Special Thanks: Ben Chestnut