The problem: our team found that each product area’s developer event (eg Flutter, Firebase, TensorFlow) would request a code of conduct asset to show at the top of their event. With this content being the same for each product area, we saw the need to create a single, high fidelity code of conduct animation to ensure a unified, consistant voice accross developer our events.

Google for Developers

The challenge: to create an evergreen code of conduct animation that could be used across any virtual/hybrid/in person Google developer event. This meant collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure the piece was indeed usable for any type of event, across product areas.

After the script was locked, Molly Hensley and I moved into storyboarding, ensuring both illustration and animation needs were met. Molly then moved into illustration, building a stylalistic approach that was identifiable as “Google”, before handing off to me for animation.

The piece premiered at Google I/O 2022.
Rick Murphy
Daniel Nicholas
Kiran Puri
Molly Hensley
Ella Dobson
Peter Van Straten
Bryan Gordon