Android Developers approached us to develop a brand system for a developer summit, which leveraged the highly successful work of the App Excellence campaign. This campaign aimed to convince both business and technical leads to invest in creating quality apps on Android and Google Play.

Android Developers

I led the motion design treatment and execution for the 2022 Android App Excellence Summit.

The virtual summit focused on showcasing the latest best practices for building high-quality Android apps across devices, and increasing a team’s productivity. The series of videos empowered their audience with the knowledge needed to build high quality Android Apps, to scale their business.

It was important to ensure the motion assets for the summit (intro, transitions, outro) embodied the essence of the App Excellence campaign branding system, ie showing that “under the hood” view of building an app, and how battery life and user experience can directly impact an app’s financial sucess.
Kiran Puri
Daniel Nicholas
Ella Dobson
Peter Van Straten